Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Podcatchers and examples of podcasts

Here are a few podcatchers of note (which handle your "subscriptions":





and, of course, iTunes

And some general repositories of podcasts:

Podcast Pickle

GarageBand Radio Network



Podcast Alley

As well as some examples of kinds of podcasts:

Adam Carolla,
mainstream radio personality and comedian who moved into the realm of podcasts, referenced by Rick Emerson during his guest appearance last week"

"60-Second Idea (to Improve the World),"
rant, then roundtable, produced by the BBC.

Android Guys,
by a couple of Android phone enthusiasts, who also run a web site on the same topic."

experiments in audio.

"Cruising to Otherworldly Antarctica,"
an NPR story of the day.

Block of R.S.S. coding for iTunes:

Written by WSUV student Kerry Mraz

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