Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mobile examples

Here are a few examples of how mobile technology has opened up new ways in which we can experience the world:

Amsterdam RealTime, collected over two months in 2002; click on "view map"

34North118w, what about instead of moving around, you just stay still and look at what comes to you?

I Like Frank, or what about if you start talking to strangers, about a virtual quest?

Also, mobile technology can subvert media and government monoliths:

This footage, shot with a mobile phone, of a young woman in Iran, Neda Salehi, protesting the questionable elections there in June of 2009:

Her death, but also this footage, turned her into a martyr around which the Iranians have rallied for dramatic changes in their government.

Technology on the way:

Look past the thin surface of this video promo piece for mixed reality, and what do you see?

And this sort of research is being done at the University of Washington, by Babak Parviz, with computer-enhanced contact lenses:

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