Sunday, November 1, 2009

Participatory culture

A couple of examples of participatory culture (concept from Henry Jenkins' "Convergence Culture") from Rick Emerson's visit to WSU Vancouver on Thursday, Oct. 29:

Rick said he never would have imagined five years ago that listeners to his radio program could and would be creating this kind of content and recirculating it among themselves (creating remixes of remixes). Within days of the original bagel piece airing, he said the first remix appeared followed by other listeners submitting riffs on that, and creating t-shirts, and the like, in what originally was just an off-the-cuff observation about what a waitress said to him at Gustav's in the airport.

And here is a second one, about a news story turned into a tune, created by the same Rick Emerson fan, "Calvin," I think:

Here is a link to the KOUG podcast of the interview:

KOUG radio

Or the direct one

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