Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Your course pack for the semester

Instead of textbooks this term for Language, Texts and Technology, we're going to use a course pack containing readings from various sources. This gives us more flexibility to cover broader ground. It also provides access to a wider breadth of voices and ideas than otherwise possible, while still working within current copyright rules and compensating authors and publishing houses appropriately.

Instructions for purchasing the pack (for $64.82) are below. Another significant expense for the term will be passes for a field trip on Sept. 9 to the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Time Based Art Festival. More details will be coming on that soon.

Forgive the boilerplate, but here is the note from University Readers:

"Dear students,

Your custom course materials for DTC 375 published by University Readers are now available online at I have carefully selected the readings included in this course pack to provide you with a more relevant, custom learning experience. Please purchase this course pack to stay on top of your readings. Doing so will help you be successful in this class.

The course pack price is $64.82, and includes materials that we will use in class daily, so you should purchase your own copy. Also, please keep in mind that our institution adheres to copyright law, so any copyrighted material should not be copied or duplicated in any manner.

To purchase the course pack, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Log on to

Step 2: Click on the white "STUDENTS BUY HERE" button located in the "Student Store" section (upper right-hand corner of the page).

Step 3: Create an account or log in if you have an existing account to purchase.

Step 4: Easy-to-follow instructions will guide you through the rest of the ordering process. Payment can be made by all major credit cards or with an electronic check.

Orders are typically processed within 24 hours and the shipping time will depend on the selected shipping method and day it is shipped (orders are not shipped on Sundays or holidays). If you experience any difficulties, please email or call 800.200.3908.

Kind regards,


P.S.: after purchasing, you will also be emailed instructions on how to download a FREE 20% PDF to get started on your required readings right away."

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