Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If Twitter had been invented sooner ...

What it might have been like, for example, at Gettysburg:


"Twitter is being used for many things. Here at TwHistory we feel the service can be a novel way to tell the stories of our past. We pick historical figures, especially those that kept detailed journals or histories, and tweet the experiences they went through. By doing this, followers get a feel for what has happened many years ago. Consider it a type of Twitter historical reenactment–reliving history in real time.

But this is more than a ‘what happened on this day’ service. We are interested in telling stories. The Battle of Gettysburg, or the Cuban Missile Crisis were more than a couple of random events over a few days. There are exciting backstories of many characters who witnessed these events. We feel these stories can be told in 140 characters or less, over the course of many months.

We currently have one active project - the Battle of Gettysburg; care to follow along? If you are new to Twitter, please visit our getting started page. Or, if you are a seasoned Twitter veteran, visit our Battle of Gettysburg page to follow the historical characters."

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