Monday, October 26, 2009

Remediation collection (Prompt 6)

If you haven't looked through the fantastic collection of remediation examples brought to class through Prompt 6 in the Google group, you really are missing out. There are way too many good ones to share them all during the class period (thank you all contributors!), so I encourage all of you to browse through the list, if you haven't done so already. In relation to our discussions and readings, particularly Jenkins, here are a few of special interest:

Audio and text:

Courtesy of Shawn Kepfer -- "V for Vendetta"

Audio and imagery:

Courtesy of Jerry Joiner -- Secret Mommy's "Kool Aid River"

Video games:

Courtesy of Yasha Kehn -- The Beatles RockBand video game

Beatles RockBand trailer

And from Aaron May -- BioShock bedtime story

Once Upon a Pixel Video Game, Bioshock | Game Trailers & Videos |

From short children's book to movie:

Courtesy of Linda Wylie -- "Where the Wild Things Are"

And Eric Hill's mention of R. Crumb's remediation of the Bible:

R. Crumb site

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